The American College Heritage Project has implemented a display of the history of the College in four panels. The permanently attached displays are on the inside walls between the Chapel and the Dining Hall for residents and visitors to see while entering the American College.


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The last renovations in The American College ended, after two years of intense building and renewing, in the spring of 2016. During the renovations, serious efforts were made to respect the historic character of the building as much as possible. This is particularly visible in two salons in the former “Rector’s House.”

As you keenly realize and appreciate, The American College has a rich history and has played an important role in the history of the Catholic Church in the United States, in Leuven, and of course at the KU Leuven. The rich tradition of the American College, however, is unfortunately not well known by most people currently living in Leuven or visiting.

The American College Heritage Committee, a group of KU Leuven historians, among whom ACL alumnus, John “Jack” Dick and Rebekka Jonkers the current Manager of The American College, see it as their duty and responsibility to preserve and display the history of the College. This is important for the current inhabitants, but also for the many visitors and University professors and staff who use the public areas of the College.

For the first phase of The American College Heritage Project, the interior design company FUGZIA has developed a permanent historical exhibition of photos, documents, and historical sketches that will be placed in the College. This exhibition will be visible for students, visitors and the many tourists that pass by daily. 

Other projects the Heritage Committee is working on are: a display honoring all the rectors of The American College, collecting archival materials, and, to the degree that it is possible, returning to the College works of art and furniture that are in fact an important part of the patrimony of the University and the College.