Reunion - Leuven, Belgium 2017

Reunion - Leuven, Belgium 2017

About the ACAA

The American College Alumni Association - Catholic University of Louvain enables fellowship among those who have been educated in the Faculties of Theology, Canon Law, or Philosophy at the KU Leuven/UCL.  The association promotes continuing education in theology, canon law, and philosophy for its members and for others as the members deem appropriate.  The association supports members' ongoing formation in their various roles with the people of God.  The association supports the mission of The American College of Louvain, Catholic University of Leuven under The Saint Damien Project.  The activities of the organization shall be limited to those activities authorized under section 501 (c) (3) of the United States Code governing the Internal Revenue Service.


Membership is open to those who have:

  1. resided in the American College of Louvain while studying Theology, Canon Law, or Philosophy at KU Leuven or L’Université Catholique de Louvain for at least one full semester; or

  2. resided in the American College of Louvain while participating in one of the less-than-a-semester programs offered or sponsored by the American College such as the Summer Program, a Short Term Sabbatical or a Conference of at least one week in duration; or

  3. served as a full-time staff member of the American College or as a member of an American College Advisory Board;

  4. Members pay annual dues to belong to the association (see the By-Laws for additional details)

Elected ACAA Board Members 2018


President - Reverend Horace (Tuck) Grinnell, AC'73

Vice President - Reverend Dave Norris, AC’72

Treasurer - Reverend Bill Wegher, AC'91

Secretary - Reverend Joseph Arsenault, S.S.A., AC’00

Past President - Reverend Tony Bawyn, AC'81, '92, '00

At Large Members

Doctor John A. (Jack) Dick, AC'69 (term ends in 2020)

Reverend Ted Tumicki, AC'97,'01,'03 (term ends in 2020)  

Reverend John Soares, AC'91 (term ends in 2021)

Reverend Bob Flannery, AC’73 (term ends in 2021)

Requests for the webmaster are directed to the board for review.

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